Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I miss my NS time... So i was thinking to write it down, before i forget all of those happy memories.

* I cried when i receive the NS letter.

* I checked all the ICs in the newspaper just to find someone from my hometown who goes to the same camp with me.

* We were the last to reach the camp.

* Kem Beringin Resort Langkawi.

* I saw people in their own group, that makes me sad.

* I was in dorm D [ this is what they call our "ROOMS"]

* I bought alot of cookies and biscuits.
* I called my parents three times a day and cry to them.

* I bought more than 20 telephone cards in a month, not to mention RM50 each.

* We are not allowed to used our cellphone except weekends.

* In there i make frens like Xiao Ling, Jia Yee, Qiao Wei and others.

* We were very very best friend.
* We wore "sarong" to bathe, we bathe together. ==

* We always bathe in the teacher's bathroom.

* We used to wake up at 5 am in the morning.

* We shared our secrets together.

* We used to go to class, in uniform, and the shoes was so slippery.

* I get an "OKU" card.

* It means Orang Kurang Upaya.

* Why?

* Because we all tell the doctor stories.

* People with "OKU" cards do not need to march and do heavy exercise.

* We used to collect seashells and chit chatting while others are playing sports.

* We used to sit under the shades while others are under the hot sun, marching.

* We used to run to the canteen because there will be a long long Q if we are late.
* The plates and cups were always so dirty and oily.

* We need to wear the PJ clothes, and i dono why mine is shrinking.

* We used to wash our clothes in the toilet, and yucks.==

* Sometimes we get to stay up in the midnight to RONDA RONDA RONDA.

* I met a guy there, i name him Prince.

* He was in the same class as me.

* He helps me alot, and we are the only team in the class which has 1 boy and 1 girls.

* Others are all from the same sex.
* We enjoyed talking phone, meeting each other. Ah, LOVE is in the air^^

* I remembered there's a guy who walk with me in the rain.

* I remembered there's a malay guy who is SOoOoOoo cute, and i named him "Shin Chan".

* We used to wear Baju Kurung every thursday.

* We used to order KFC every weekend and have our own party.

* 天下没有不散之宴席, the camp is only for 3 months.

* Friendships Forever, rite?^^

* I miss u, PLKN.

Monday, April 26, 2010

C h i l l

I've read through some blogs of little girls age 13-15. It reminds me when i was in that age, we used to write blogs about someone we hate, we used to talk bad things about people in our friendster.


I was so childish.

被风吹过的叶子 掉在草地上
虽然有着相似的颜色 但有着不同的形状
试着触碰 试着了解

Monday, April 19, 2010

Donut - licious ^^

Recently Kampar is so so so HOT! I cant even sleep, because i'm SWEATING! Somebody call 911!!!== Well, i'm not in the mood for monopoly. I want an aircond in my room, PLEASE!

Ciu Ciu suggested we bring monopoly to some restaurant and play there. Good idea huh?

Well, gonna upload some pics bout our Brand Management's print ads and billboard. The making of. Hmmn...

Garfield aka jamie shen

James . fish

Seng . wat is this? forget the name. Cappucino?

connie . fried rice

sea food spring roll

seng . perfect pic with blur jamie

seng . beef noodle

seng . so call coffee?

UTAR . 7pm

jump jump !

jamie and me

higher higher!



Friday, April 2, 2010

《主妇的假期》Housewive's Holiday

现年的42岁的陈思美(洪慧芳饰演) ,为人节俭,爱贪小便宜,经常把他人丢弃在组屋楼下的垃圾捡回家里。她与老公,女儿以及母亲四人住在一间窄小的三房式组屋。

年届四十的 Alice 曾慧贤(郭舒贤饰演) 是个爱打扮的摩登主妇,很爱炫耀,贪慕虚荣,与老公家盛,一对子女,以及家婆住在五房式组屋,家里的经济全落在老公的肩上。