Monday, May 23, 2011

i can have angry bird face!

Helo helo guys, before i start my post, take a look at this 2 pictures and guess what it is.

Get the answer? It is George from the Angry Birds. I receive a parcel from the bf today. Quickly opened it and George poped out! Thanks boyfie, i really thought you send me your monkey==

You see how happy am i to receive this. :)

Do we look alike? No? I tried my best, LOL.

Last but not least, i can have angry bird head! hee ==

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Domo kunnnn

Hey guys, helo helo, i'm back, after, erm... couple of days? Am currently back in my hometown Kota Bharu having great time with my family. What i did these few days? Just like what my cousin said, eat eat sleep, sleep sleep eat. What do you think sem breaks are for? My little tummy is growing bigger and bigger now, stuffed with lotz of food, especially FISH! I feel like i've been eating fish all these days. I presume that i'll be more clever after this, haha. Oh, about the stuffed toy i'm holding? Its a toy so called DOMO. I dont know why it is so popular these days, a brown square body with 2 hands 2 legs, 2 eyes and a wide mouth with sharp teeth. At first i think it is quite scary but somehow it looks cute to me now. This DOMO was given to me by my younger sister Cavien. She said its from her admire, i think? I'm bringing it back to Penang^^ Its almost 2AM now, but i just cant sleep. Catherine is coming back later, hope to see her. chaoz :)