Monday, June 27, 2011

emo post again wtf

How many people can actually hide their own feelings and not showing them to anyone. Will you rather cry or forcing yourself not to cry and makes your feelings go worst. I cry, I shed, I smashed everything when i'm down. Why? To let me feel better. Someone said that women are made from water, they cry easily. Why not? Will you prefer sitting at the corner of the house doing nothing and thinking about all the sad stuff, or will you prefer releasing your feelings by crying. I'm a crying baby like what my bf said but still I love myself being like this, at least i have my way to release my sadness, right?

I have lots of feelings in my heart lately, I can feel the sorrow beneath it. Working isn't as fun as what i thought it is. Hence, I cant bear to think about what will happen to me when i'm back to Kampar. The life without the bf. Mummi said that i rely on him too much. Guess so. He was always there when i need him. Maybe i should stop relying on him so much?

Sunday, June 19, 2011





Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happie Birthday Michael

Happie Birthday Michael Wong Zhan Yeap!

wish you have a good good 1 :)

Thanks for being my friend

Thanks for listening to me when i'm down

Thanks for chatting with me when i need someone to chat to

Thanks for supporting me all this while

I heart u friend <3