Thursday, August 11, 2011

i want a makeover!

Its only 11.51AM, the starting of the day, ok maybe half of the day, and i'm feeling so down. I dont know what caused this, maybe its just the wide imagination of mine. I Fk cant stop thinking!

Well, went to pasar malam with the bf last nite, theres a stall selling tons of angry bird products! I'm not an angry bird lover so i just take a look and walk away. Guess what, the stall is surrounding by kids, lots of kids! Angry bird is so popular now, no wonder my boss said that her son is craving for an angry bird school bag. Think about the movie i watched yesterday, The Fortune Buddies 勁抽褔祿壽, there's a fighting scene that they apply the theory of angry bird, LMAO. Overall it's a nice movie, 3 stars maybe?

I'm tired, seriously tired of wearing a mask. I wanna laugh when i wanna laugh, i wanna cry when i wanna cry! Just viewed my sis - catherine's blog, the picture of her, look so mature, but look at me, t-shirt and short pants, arhhhh! I want a totally makeover!!! 

啥 傻

很想大声的说     我讨厌你
很想有自信的穿着美美的衣服     走在大街上

但     我做不到


一个没有自信     没有立场     没有主见     的     傻瓜

愿意委屈自己     也不会说声不

没有人     会像我那么傻了吧

我就是那么傻     那么的没用


最近     我们有了争吵
最近     我们开始学会冷战

再而再的提醒自己     偶像剧是骗人的

想要一段完美的感情             不行
想要一段没有争吵的感情     没有

就像沙漏一样     当你把对方填得满满的时候
剩下的                 就只是空白的自己

忘了     那些曾经
忘了     那些欢乐

一滴一滴的     止不住

说不上是单纯     但缺少不了愚蠢

是的     我是受伤了

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Being in a relationship change me a lot, from the childish me, to the mature me. We tried our best to make this relationship perfect but still things change. Its hard for anyone to change their own personality but will you change for the one you love? 

The bf told me that i've think too much and causing those problems between us. I could not deny this because i do think a lot sometimes. I relate everything together, i think far far from the reality. I remembered my aunt talked to my mom, she said, the things that we worried about mostly wont happen, so dont worry so much. I just cant stop myself from thinking things. 

Felt lonely always because i've been relying on him too much. Acting like this makes me feel childish. Heard something from his daddy just now. He told me that the bf worries about me while he went out at night, and wanted to check on me at home. I dont know how to describe the feelings of love i have on him, but i just couldn't stop thinking of him.

I love you baby boy, I REALLY DO!