Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dear Diary

Dear diary, i came through a picture with words in Facebook stated that the Horoscope - Scorpion people likes to write down their feelings in the diary when they feel sad. I kinda agree with that because every time when i'm sad, i rather write down my feelings than telling anyone about it. Maybe this makes me feel more comfortable.

The feeling is weird that when you got tons of feelings gathered in your heart but you just dont know how to express it, by words.

Got a call from my sister Catherine in the afternoon, telling me that her life in Inti Nilai is sad. Well you cant make everyone to be nice to you rite? Somebody just choose to ignore you, but dont be upset. There's always someone who is willing to talk to you, to share your happiness and your sadness.

Had a small fight with the bf. I dont know what happened to us recently. We just fight on every small matters. Where's the tolerance that we need, where's the patient, where is the LOVE that helps us to cure everything.

I'm unhappy k? I dont laugh because i want to laugh, i laugh to hide my feelings. I felt the pain when we argued. Was it necessary for us to be like that?