Thursday, June 27, 2013


I'm freezing, siting at the corner of the bed. Things dont get well between us. I thought that we would be perfect match, at least i thought so. I've been shivering all the while, and i dont know why. Don't wanna catch cold or sick anymore, I've suffer enough today.

Today definitely was not my day. From the dream that makes me wake up from my sleep with a shock, until the boyfriend that I don't really recognise anymore. Why things went so bad? From giving me hope then taking it away. From saying you love me then left me alone in the corner. What I did wrong to deserve all of these? I sacrifice for my love, I make hard decision for us. But why baby. Why do you get angry of small things, why would you even bare to left me alone. It's a hard day, a very very hard day.

I start to doubt about all the things. I start to doubt about my decisions. Hence, never doubt about our relationship. I love you, and i thought you know. Why is my love hanging there, why aren't you taking care of it. It will be a long long night i guess. I'm hungry and I'm freezing. All I want is a hug, but will you ever know.

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