Sunday, July 14, 2013

Work Work and Work

Hi guys, if anyone of you wonder where have I been, here I am. Been so busy + lazy lately as i started my job as a part time digital executive at Kraken Interactive. Colleagues are super good i Love them and i'm so sad that i'll be leaving them next month due to my heavy load of assignments from my Weekend Wedding Planning Classes. Lazy as in i'm so tired after work and i just want to have my dinner, take a warm bath, and tuck into my bed.

Lately I've been trying to work on my online shop as there are new stocks coming in. I need to arrange them and take pictures. It's fun to do that but sometimes it is really tiring too and you need to take the risk that there will be very less customer when you just started the business.

Gonna be a busy week ahead! Will update you guys on more about my lately life soon! Xoxo. Love ya.

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