Sunday, November 23, 2014

星期一 早呀!大家加油啊!努力!


每次写部落格的时候,我都会在想,写了那么多,谁看啊?如果我是那种绝世大美女还不同说法。可是这次log in进来,我明白了,就写给自己看。阅读回去以前写过的部落格,想起了很多事,想起了。。。原来当初,我是这么想的啊。原来当初,我那么的有恒心去做一件事。



Sunday, July 6, 2014

大 小 孩




其实已经没有原因原谅自己的 还没有长大




Monday, April 21, 2014

this is a confession

When life gives your stress, how you overcome it. Work doesn't give me stress, i have a very good manager, and i love my job. As i grow older, I've seen more about people, about what we can change and what we can't change. To be honest my stress level is definitely higher others due to some problems that i'm facing. I get sad easily, sometimes i can't even stop my mind thinking about some unrelated stuff. That really bugs me a lot!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

coward & me

Before I start this post, readers who do not like to read about sad story or only like to read post with pictures, you can skip this post. This will be a post with only words.

If you notice the last post was in 2013, yeah, I’ve not been blogging since then. Or actually I did, I just didn't finish the post, I’ve started few posts, but after the first paragraph, I just can't continue. Probably because I’ve not been writing for quite some time.

Lately I’ve been feeling so depressed, and I started to lost the interest in many things. I met different kinds of people, people that look so nice in front but stabbed you from your back, people that you thought they hated you but actually they are nice, people that you thought you know them but you actually don't. Sometimes I really don't understand why are people treating me like this. What have I done wrong? This really annoys me a lot until I nearly could not differentiate the right and wrongs.

You can get a good rest if you are physically tired but you just can't get a good rest when you are mentally tired. My mind just keeps on thinking about A LOT of things. I really got a lot to express here but I don't know where and how to start. Guess I just don't want to write a lot that makes people misunderstood. Coward. Me.

I understands that there are up and downs in life. And of course I have happy things happening in my life too. I just found a job and will be working soon. Maybe I’ve not been working for quite some time, I’m really looking forward to this job. I hope this can build a new me and I can achieve something good in my working life.